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Sunday, January 3, 2010

unlock password protected ..rar and .zip files

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In earlier I have discussed about creating a password protected RAR file. It was a very simple job but  unlocking is not quite simple if the password is forgotten. It’s a matter of time factor.   Now I am telling the process to unlock the password protected file if the password has been forgotten by you. It’s not a tough job by a software namely RAR Password Recovery. Just a process of 3-4 steps. The  unlocking procedure of this software is very attractive, it will start to find out the password from 0 to 12-14 characters.
The software starts to check the password with one character and thereafter the number of character will be increased. It will check all the permutational combinations of password, created by the characters. After matching the password it will show it in the dashboard and stops the checking process.
1. Download and install the software.
2. Open the application.
3. Click on the Open in the toolbar of the main window. Browse the location of the password protected RAR file.
password protected rar file
4. Now look at the left pane. There is a set of setting for you. First if you know about the password length then mention the length range in thePassword Length box. Check out the screenshot below

5. Now set the character types you want to use at the time checking the password. Look at the Allowed Character box in the left pane and set these. You can customize this section if you have some knowledge  about the password otherwise leave it. Check out the green colored area in the screenshot below.
winrar passwordrecovery
6. Now click on the Start button in the toolbar to start the unlock process. After a few minutes it will show the required password at dashboard in the right pane of the main window. Now put the password and unlock your RAR file. It will take times according to the password length. Near about 100 passwords will be checked within a second.
Thus it will definitely find out the password. Look at the sample of password recovering below
password protected rar file
Now  your job is over but don’t forget to comment me…

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  1. My father suggested a tool, which helped me a lot and moreover made everything rapidly. It would assist in any problem on my view and show some interesting capacities - winrar repairing software.


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